2010 - 2011:

"REPIC trainings for craftsmen in thermo-house insulation for rural residential buildings" implemented for CAMP Alatoo in frame of EEP-REPIC 2010-2011 Project

Overall objective of the project is house insulation and building of energy efficient stoves for the reduction of CO2 emissions and improving of livelihood of rural population in Kyrgyzstan. Through the insulation of 2000 simple houses and 1000 energy efficient stoves annual CO2 emission can be reduce about 5000 tons. At the same time the budget of families can be relieved about 160 US$.

To archive this, 50 craftsmen get trained in thermo-insulation technologies and 20 in stove building. A frame contract for good credit conditions for the measures will be arranged with a local bank or micro-credit organization. The first phase of the project, running from 2010 to 2012, encompasses certification of technologies, training of craftsmen, information of general public, issuing of a credit line and proceeding with police dialog in energy efficiency.

CEEBAs stake in the project is conducting of four theoretical and practical trainings in thermo-insulation. Until summer 2011 more than 50 craftsmen got trained.

The project is financed by the Swiss REPIC-platform.