"Heat-floor builder job-trainings for young unemployed people" implemented for the GIZ Program Employment and Vocational Education in Kyrgyzstan

To support short-dated measures for the creation of micro business for young unemployed people from rural and suburban settlements and for the capacity building of vocational school teachers CEEBA designed special trainings on thermo-insulation of floors in typical single storey adobe houses.

As sitting on the floor is widely common in rural Kyrgyzstan, the integration of floor heating, together with improved floor insulation is an asset for increased comfort at reduced costs for heating, making the product more attractive to customers than just insulation.

From July to November 2010, in cooperation with GIZ and selected vocational schools, CEEBA conducted four two-week courses with theoretical and practical trainings in insulated heat-floor building. The courses were implemented in Bishkek, Talas, Naryn and Kochkor. Masters from the participating vocational schools joined the trainings and in addition took part in a follow-up training which CEEBA conducted at the Center for Further Qualification in Bishkek. In total about 40 young people and nine VET masters have been trained.