2009 - 2010:

"Catalogue of certified technical solutions for thermo house insulation with natural organic materials." Technical consultancy in cooperation with CAMP Alatoo and KNIIPSS, a project financed by the GIZ CCD Project and UNDP-GEF.

Overall goal of this project was "Approval of energy efficiency technologies suitable for rural areas by responsible state institutes in Kyrgyzstan."

CAMP Alatoo initiated a working group of experts on energy efficiency composed by elements from CAMP Alatoo, the Centre for Energy Efficient Building Central Asia (CEEBA), the Scientific Research Institute for Seismic Resistant Construction in Kyrgyzstan, the UNDP project of energy efficiency Kyrgyzstan and the GTZ / DED project on Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in GBAO. The group developed catalogues on technical standard solutions for the thermo-insulation of buildings and the construction of energy efficient stoves.

Catalogues were developed in cooperation with the Scientific Research Institute for Seismic Resistant Construction of Kyrgyzstan (KNIIPS), which was the main developer of catalogues. CEEBA contributed information from its field experiences in Central Asia and from international experience for the development of the catalogue for house insulation and supported KNIIPS with illustrations for graphic layout. CAMP Alatoo was responsible for coordination, contracts, reporting and contributed information from field experiences with energy efficient stoves. UNDP project "Improvement of buildings energy efficiency" supported the project with expert consultation and co-financing.

The catalogues have been approved by the Kyrgyz Agency of Architect and Construction under Kyrgyz Government in May 2010, the print-versions got published in July 2010.